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Ohio Grit. Ohio Raised. Union Strong.

Martin grew up on West 26th Street in the City of Lorain in a union middle-class family. As a child, he remembered his father riding his ten-speed bike from their home to U.S. Steel. Martin’s dad was proud to be a union worker and Martin is honored to currently be a union leader with the Lorain Education Association and the Lorain County AFL-CIO.

Martin is married to his beautiful wife Kyle and is raising his family in Amherst, Ohio. He is a current Amherst City Councilmember, teaches language arts at Longfellow Middle School in Lorain and created a non-profit organization that educates youth about local environmental concerns and teaches them how to be proactive in addressing those issues, while creating pride for their community.

In the Spring of 2015, Martin found his nine-year-old son on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night. Thanks to our great Northeast Ohio hospitals Martin’s son was saved that night, but they discovered that he had an undiagnosed heart condition. His only option of survival was a heart transplant. Martin and his wife were blessed with a transplant and their son is now 16 years old. Martin wants to fight to improve healthcare to ensure other families do not struggle financially like his family has for years with his son’s healthcare bills.

Martin is Endorsed By Ohio State and Local Leaders

In our race against Rep. Bob Lata, Martin is honored to be supported by numerous Ohio elected officials, union leaders and community leaders. We hope you will join these great Ohio leaders and join our fight against Bob Latta!

JOE MILLER - Ohio State Representative
MATT LUNDY - Ohio State Rep. (Former) & Lorain County Commissioner
J.D. TOMILSON - Lorain County Prosecutor
CRAIG SNODGRASS - Lorain County Auditor
SHARON SWEDA - Former Lorain County Commissioner
JUDY NEDWICK- Former Lorain County Recorder
JACK BRADLEY - City of Lorain Mayor
JOEL ARREDONDO - City of Lorain Council President
MARY SPRINGOWSKI - City of Lorain Councilmember
JOANNE MOON - City of Lorain Councilmember
VICTORIA KEMPTON - City of Lorain Councilmember
KRISTIN PETERSON - City of Oberlin Councilmember
DAVE KOS - City of Avon Lake Councilmember
STEPHANIE SMITH - City of Amherst Councilmember
TERRI SOTO - City of Lorain Treasurer
JUDY KEYS - Former City of Elyria Councilmember

Fighting For Workers, Jobs, Healthcare, Education and Ohio Families

Martin am running to be a voice for workers! Unions matter to ensuring Martin's family pays the mortgage and puts food on the table. Martin is grateful to be a member of numerous unions, including Vice President of the Lorain Education Association and Treasurer of the Lorain County AFL-CIO. Unlike other candidates and politicians, Martin does not just talk to the talk, but he walks the walk.

In Congress, my Republican opponent Bob Latta has voted against unions, against public school funding, and against legislation to provide and improve paid family and medical leave. We must do more, not less, to help Ohio workers and their families. We are at an important crossroads in American history when it comes to unions and workers. Wall Street, the wealthy, and massive corporations, have created inequality and instability for so many hard-working Ohioans.

Ohio Workers & Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Martin will fight to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, ensure pay equity for women, restore overtime protections and prevailing wages, and fight for tax policies to make corporations pay their fair share and give the middle-class a tax cut. Martin will fight for unions, pass the PRO Act, lower taxes on Ohio small businesses, oppose unfair trade agreements, and revitalize Ohio’s manufacturing industry to succeed in the 21st-century economy.


Public Education is the bedrock for ensuring every Ohioan can succeed in our 21st century economy. Martin will increase public school budgets and teacher pay, invest in universal pre-K, and ensure every Ohio child gets a high-quality public education. Martin will fight to fix the college affordability crisis, expand access to apprenticeships and technical job training, and vote for two years of tuition-free community college.


Health care is a fundamental human right. Getting sick shouldn’t bankrupt families. Martin will fight for our seniors and all Ohioans by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, expand Medicare by lowering eligibility age, and create a pathway to Medicare for all Ohioans. Martin will tackle the opioid epidemic and legalize marijuana.

Energy & Environment

Protecting our Great Lakes and building a clean-energy economy is vital to Ohio’s economic future. Martin understands the importance Lake Erie plays to Lorain and Ohio’s economy and will ensure we continue to invest in lake restoration efforts, solar, wind and nuclear energy. Martin believes we can make Ohio a manufacturing leader in building solar panels, and the electric vehicles needed to power the energy economy of the future.


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