Joe Miller, Ohio State Representative

"Martin Heberling will give us the much needed representation in Washington we deserve."

J.D. Tomlinson, Lorain County Prosecutor

Having known Councilman Martin Heberling for several years, and knowing the strong work ethic he employs daily to improve the lives of his fellow Ohioans, I strongly endorse him as candidate for the United States House of representatives.

Sharon Sweda, Former Lorain County Commissioner

"Martin Heberling is the best candidate to represent Northern Ohio in Washington, DC.  Martin is a man who has the knowledge, experience, and passion for those who face the challenges of this decade.  From education to healthcare and community support – Martin will help working families."

Kristin Peterson, City of Oberlin Councilmember

"I endorse Martin Heberling III for Congress, for many reasons.  He is a public school teacher, a labor union leader, a City Council member, a husband and father. Being a lifelong Lorain County resident, he could once again give Lorain County actual representation in Congress, which it has not had for decades. He understands and supports skilled trades, public education, and municipally owned and operated electric utilities. Martin Heberling will fight for and support public services and the workers who work for us to provide those services."

Dave Kos, City of Avon Lake Councilmember

"I have had the privilege of being friends with Martin for over 30 years.  He is truly dedicated to his family, community and his students.  I am proud to call him my friend and I could not think of a finer person that I would want representing my interests."

Mary Springowski, City of Lorain Councilmember

"The voters deserve better than what they've had with their current representation! They deserve a representative that cares about them, that cares about education, the working people, and their safety. That is why I support Martin Heberling for Congress. Enough is enough! It's time to put people to work in Ohio!"

JoAnne Moon, City of Lorain Councilmember

“Martin was raised in Lorain in a working class, union family, and unlike Rep Bob Latta I know Martin will fight for unions, teachers, church leaders and all Ohioans no matter their race or economic status”

Stephanie Smith, City of Amherst Councilmember

"I have known Martin for over 25 years and I am currently serving with him on Amherst City Council. His dedication to our city's residents and his perseverance to get the job done make it a no-brainer for me to endorse him for U.S. Congress. We need representation that is a voice for everyone in our district, not just a select few. I am proud to stand behind Martin in this race!"

Victoria Kempton, City of Lorain Councilmember

"Please join me in endorsing Martin Heberling for U.S. Congress District 5! Martin is a bright, knowledgeable, and responsive legislator, who is willing to work long hours on behalf of Ohio residents and business owners. Martin is the optimistic, yet realistic voice Ohio desperately needs."